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CoinCorner's Bitcoin &
Lightning Services API

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Why build with us?

The CoinCorner API makes building on Bitcoin and lightning simple.

Leverage the CoinCorner API to support Bitcoin and lightning within your business without needing any wallet infrastructure.

Our team of experts are on hand to help you with anything.

CoinCorner APIs


Returns the current fiat
price of a coin

API Endpoint

All API requests should use the application/json content type, and must be encrypted with SSL (HTTPS).

API Authentication

CoinCorner's API requires authentication, by providing 3 parameters API Key, Signature and Nonce.

API key

Your CoinCorner API key.


The signature is a HMAC-SHA256 encoded message which contains your nonce, user id and API key, which is generated using a secret key.


A nonce is a unique identifier for your API call that must increase with every request

A pseudo code example:

message = nonce + userid + apikey

signature = CreateSignature(message, apisecret)


The rate limit for CoinCorner's API is 60 requests a minute, if you feel you may need to request more than this number please contact us in advance.

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